Time to Remember
The effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade are, arguably, the single largest incident in reshaping and defining the world we see today.

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Are you an individual or organisation who would like to participate in our 4th annual national memorial for the victims of the Transatlantic Holocaust, in London’s Trafalgar Square?


Time to Remember

We’re inviting educators, artists, cultural organisations, community organisations, musicians, performers, writers, curators and collaborators from the African, Caribbean and Black Latin American community to propose an activity, speech or performance for Sankofa Day™️ 2019, or a written piece for our Sankofa Day Program.

We’re looking for everything from workshops to performance pieces to storytelling and everything in-between.

The more creative the better!


This year’s memorial falls on the birthday of the late great Marcus Garvey, as such we have two running themes for proposals:

1. Remembering Marcus Garvey
2. Remembering the resistance

This is a free event led by a grassroots organisation run by volunteers, and receives no funding or financial assistance. As such we are currently unable to pay participants, however, we appreciate the gift of each contribution and we know that you recognise what a privilege it is to honour our ancestors on this platform in this way.

Proposals will be selected by the Sankofa Day programming team.

The memorial is on Saturday, 17th August, 2019.

Submit Proposals

Send all proposals to: participate@sankofaday.org

Along with any links to past work, websites, social media etc.

Remember, the more creative the better!


Deadline for STAGE 1 applications is now closed.


STAGE 2 application deadline:

FRIDAY, 21st JUNE 2019.

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