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The Transatlantic Holocaust is one of humankind’s greatest atrocities and perhaps, in reference to scale, the most heinous crime man has committed on fellow man. It spanned over 400 years, involved over 15 million African men, women and children (National Archives) and was brought about by 7 European countries: Portugal, Spain, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

Those enslaved were taken all over the world including the USA, Brasil and the Caribbean, resulting in major shifts in the developmental path and ethnic makeup of all countries involved. Those taken from Africa were not slaves, they were doctors, priests, musicians, merchants, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who were enslaved by their fellow man.

Sankofa Day is a space which welcomes all who wish to remember and honour the victims of the Transatlantic Holocaust. It is also a space where, in line with our ethos, we strive to educate, celebrate and inspire.

Sankofa Day is a space which welcomes all who wish to remember and honour  the victims of the Transatlantic Holocaust. It is also a space where, in line with our ethos, we strive to educate, celebrate and inspire. We know that confronting and remembering this horrific and painful piece of our collective history is challenging for all, but it is important. As with any skeleton in our closet, it must be faced at sometime in order to to take the first steps in the long road towards healing. Together we can.

We are a small, self-funded, grassroots organisation run by volunteers. We receive no financial support, government or otherwise.

We are a small, self-funded, grassroots organisation ran by volunteers. We receive no financial support, government or otherwise. For the first time we are asking for donations to make sure this event happens and is delivered to standard fitting for such an occasion.

It’s time now to come together as a people and give the victims of the Transatlantic Holocaust the recognition, honour and respect they deserve.

Please help us and support our memorial, it’s important.

We know it’s painful but in order heal we must remember;


A message from our Founder

Hi, my name is Shezal and I organise, run and deliver Sankofa Day, I have been producing the memorial for the last 4 years. This year I have decided to run a crowdfunder to reach out to the wider community and ask for your support. Up until now the memorial has been funded by myself as a grass-roots organiser and donations from another community organisation. I have been liaising with the London Mayor’s office regarding financial support for the last 4 years, however, we have always been refused.  I think it is important that we find alternative ways to start raising the money needed to put on this important event. This is where you come in! Historically, producing the memorial without financial support has been possible with a lot of self-sacrifice but, simply put, I can’t do it or sustain it anymore.

The importance of remembering the Transatlantic Holocaust and the acknowledgement of the deep trauma that the victims endured due to British actions, needs to be a respected part of our history. It is telling that although UNESCO’s International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition has been in existence since 1998, no real steps have been made on a governmental level to annually mark this day. It is a history that many would rather forget and ‘move on’ from, but how can you learn from history if you choose to forget it? Particularly when its legacies are so visible today. The Transatlantic Holocaust is the birthplace of racism as we see it today. It is also evident that Great Britain, along with all the other Western countries involved, was made ‘Great’ off the bloodied backs of African men, women and children. Unfortunately, because this is such a sensitive issue, as an organisation we get little to no support.

This piece of our collective history needed to be given its commemoration in the most suitable way and I am proud to say that I stood up, took on the challenge and delivered something that was humbling, honourable and fitting as a mark of deep respect to those that had their lives ripped apart by such a horrifying period of time. 

The 400 year enslavement and trade of African families ensured economic security and dominance for all Western countries involved, from which we (Westerners) have all benefitted from. It’s time to acknowledge this, pay our dues and our respect.

So, with all that said…

I need your help and compassion, please stand with me.

If you truly believe as I do, that the victims of the Transatlantic Holocaust deserve to be remembered and honoured in a memorial fitting for this abhorrent piece of our collective history, then please donate now. The type of memorial we are able to produce will be dependent upon the amount of money we are able to raise so please give what you can. Pledge your commitment for 1, 2 or even 5 years, with your donation we can continue to honour those lost.